I’ll do it again…


3 months ago I had the opportunity to travel in Portugal and specifically in Lisbon in Nisa, a village near to the capital of the country, creating remarkable memories and a fantastic experience.

It is true that the travel by plane was not a new experience for me. However the whole trip was both amazing and unique. So enjoyable were the days that I spent in Lisbon that I did not want to leave in any way. The local food was really tasty and the portugues very welcoming. The visits of monuments and landmarks offered us numerous knowledge as far as a new civilization is concerned something which consists an extremely important fact for us.

Having left Lisbon we head forwards Nisa. There, we had chance to be hosted by some students of a big, modern and welcoming school.
So we were given the opportunity to meet new personalities and to get in touch with a lot of people who help us to extend our horizons and to feel confortable in order to enjoy our trip. The most important thing of the trip was the visit to the school in Portugal. The equipment the teachers and the way of teaching really amazed us, the greek students.

I must also thank the families who hosted us in their places. They was so kind!!!

All in all, the 7 days that I spent in Portugal were great. If I had the opportunity and to relive them I would definetely do it.

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